The Game Legends easter egg hunt!

Every day between April 4th 2017 and April 13th 2017, we will hide an "egg" in a certain category, or rather an image of an egg. This could be another picture that was added to an article, a standalone item or be part of the article description.

This egg shows a discount code that grants you 15% discount on your total order, but is only valid for that day and can be redeemed once per customer. A hint where the egg is hidden can be found either here or on our Facebook page where we will publish the categorie the article that hides the egg is in. Happy hunting!

04.04.2017: (expired)

05.04.2017: (expired)

06.04.2017: (expired)

07.04.2017 / 08.04.2017: (expired)

09.04.2017: (expired)

10.04.2017: (expired)

11.04.2017: (expired)

12.04.2017: (expired)