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Payday 2 Replica Wolf Mask

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Expected release date: 15 July 2017


Wolf is one of the four playable characters in Payday and became a criminal just recently. Now it's your turn to feel like a real bank robber with this high quality vinyl face mask. It shows his white and red clown mask with black eyes and features a backstrip for tight fit, so you won't lose it on your next heist. Produced by Gaya Entertainment.

Supplier description "Payday"


If you purchase PAYDAY merch worth 50.00 EUR or more, you will receive a code card for a random mask (either Jack, Queen, King or Joker) with your order. If you spend more than 100.00 EUR on PAYDAY merch, you will receive a code for the Mega Sydney Mask
Offer is valid for all orders placed between April 13th to April 17th on /

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