Game Legends @ The Frankfurt Major

09.11.2015 00:30 From: Dennis Unterwainig

3 million prize pool and a whole crowd of crazy DOTA 2 fans. Frankfurt, we are hyped!

Pre-order the brand new Darksiders merchandise!

01.09.2015 00:15 From: Dennis Unterwainig

Gaya Entertainment proudly presents their brand new Darksiders line-up. Be one of the first to get your hands on the brand new merchandise and pre-order now at Game Legends!

Hitbox partnership confirmed!

16.06.2015 16:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

Game Legends has successfully partnered up with hitbox. Get ready for awesome merchandise already waiting for you in our online shop!

Game Legends partnering up with PENTA Sports!

16.05.2015 12:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

This partnership combines passion and dedication to form a platform for gamers and E-Sports lovers. Be prepared for new and stylish merchandise to support PENTA at their next tournaments!

Well, our contest has now officially started

Arno and Elise. Friends or Foes?

12.11.2014 08:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

After a long wait, the day has finally come! Arno and Elise are here to pimp your display cabinet. Due to their special ability, the assembly to a beautiful diorama, they will absorb any envious looks and improve each Assassin's Creed collection perfectly.


18.09.2014 18:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

High quality glas tankards bring the ultimate Oktoberfest feeling to your home. Whether filled to the brim or empty in the showcase, these beautiful beakers belong in every party room.

Game Legends helps - Goodbye to blank walls!

15.09.2014 08:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

Your whole desk is covered with our stylish merchandise but your walls are still boring and empty? Well, those days are over now because we have big and awesome wall decor up our sleeves. Transform your ordinary room into a gamer's paradise with wallscrolls, posters and wall stickers.

Link, also known as Hero of Hyrule, Ganon-defeater and Princess Zelda - rescuer as a beautiful statue with fat base. It is 26cm tall and shines with fantastic details and first-class workmanship. Absolute purchasing recommendation.

Gamescom 2014 - Pictures, Impressions, Emotions

18.08.2014 08:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

5 days with you, full of fun and joy, have now come to an end. My conclusion: It was gigantic! Cool visitors, perfect mood and a bombastic atmosphere! That's how a Gamescom has to be.

Be prepared to get your jaw dropped. We added three new statues of Altair, Arno and Elise to our collection! And because we don't take half-measures, there's also a new coffee mug in Animus - style, a beautiful Wallscroll of Edward and a sporty jersey.

Bubble Bobble Plush ready to be loved!

05.08.2014 18:15 From: Dennis Unterwainig

The dragon brothers Bub and Bob as fluffy plush! Look them in the eyes and try to resist the absolute "Cuteness - Overflow". No really, try it. unmanageable!

Signed Juggernaut Mask...Anyone?

17.07.2014 13:15 From: Dennis Unterwainig

Take your chance to win a signed Juggernaut Mask from one of your favorite DOTA 2 teams.

Gamescom 2014

17.07.2014 13:00 From: Dennis Unterwainig

It's that time again! Gamescom, baby!

Game Legends meets ESL One

16.06.2014 11:45 From: Team

An Esports Tournament in a football stadium. Come visit us in front of a 420m² screen.

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