Arno and Elise. Friends or Foes?

12.11.2014 08:00  From:: Dennis Unterwainig

Get hyped for these two special treats from the newest AC title Assassin's Creed: Unity. But before we start with some facts about the game, please be warned that my world-famous, extensive and nearly boundless expert knowledge might contain spoilers. But since AC is part of general education, i shouldn't be breaking too much news to you.

In Assassin's Creed: Unity, the player takes control of Arno Dorian, a smart and charismatic, but also ruthless assassin, fighting against those who have been pulling the strings behind the French Revolution - the Templars.

Ok, enough lessons for today. Let's take a look at those sweet caramels with cream filling and cherry on top, wrapped in golden foil and serverd on a silver platter, sprinkled with saffron and lots of glitter. Yes, that describes the statues very well.
At the foot of the barricades, presented in detail with a wrecked wheel, wooden board and heavy sandbags, stands Arno with drawn sword and loaded pistol. He has put on his smile of confidence of victory which he directs against all those who stand in his way. Like in the video game, he is wearing a dark blue greatcoat with leather pants and red scarf.
Next, i want you to meet his adoptive sister Elise de la Serre. Also in a provocative fighting stance, she keeps a loaded gun against her enemies and is ready to swing her deadly sword for a fast and precise attack. She stands on a detailed base with fallen France flag on the remains of the barricade.

To show everybody that the two statues belong together, you can join them to an impressive diorama. Here you decide whether they face each other as enemies and thereby cross their weapons or stand together, back to back, against the Templars.


Let me know how you will set them up. Friends or Foes?


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