Bubble Bobble Plush ready to be loved!

05.08.2014 18:15  From:: Dennis Unterwainig

You're in the mood for cuddling but your better half is nowhere to be found? Fasten your seatbelts, because Game Legends is going to end your suffering! We bring you the two best halfs in the cuddle - universe.

Back in the days, the dragon brothers Bub and Bob were already the cutest things we could imagine, even in 2D. Sure thing that they are beyond the scope in 3D. They will make your other plush look like pillows with their soft pelt, cute arms and sweet faces...Unless you got your other plush from Game Legends as well. In that case, they will all sparkle together and make you squeal with glee. :)


Write in the comments below and let us know, which video game figure you think is the cutest.

Your Game-Legends.com Team

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  • Cute plush figure of the dragon Bob from the video game series Bubble Bobble. Over 22cm in height and equipped with a sound chip. Batteries included. Produced by Gaya Entertainment.


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