Game Legends helps - Goodbye to blank walls!

15.09.2014 08:00  From:: Dennis Unterwainig

Boring walls are so yesterday. The modern gamer now goes for beautiful wallscrolls and highly detailed posters. The time has come to replace your old boyband panoramas and teenie heartthrob pictures with cool wall decor from your favorite video games. It's even possible that one or the other window has to make way for our stylish wallscrolls. But that's totally justified and feasible with good conscience.

By the way, wallscrolls are illustrations on high quality cloth fabric which is kept taut between two aluminum tubes. Thanks to the attached cord, all you need is a nail or similar to hang it up accurately.
The hallway to the kitchen in our Game Legends HQ is nearly completely covered in our wallscrolls. Definitely the place where i want to celebrate my next birthday :)

Our posters ain't half bad either! They are a feast for the eyes due to their high resolution and brilliant details, especially when framed. So beautiful that a Mona Lisa seems like a boring trading picture.

We also have cool wall stickers from various Super Mario games. Yes, stickers. Simply remove the pre-cut motifs from the foil and place them on a smooth surface. What, you're moving out? No problem for our stickers. These faithful companions are reusable and must not be left behind.

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