Game Legends partnering up with PENTA Sports!

16.05.2015 12:00  From:: Dennis Unterwainig

That's right, guys. We are pleased to announce that we are the new head sponsor of PENTA Sports with the goal to form the ultimate alliance for gamers and E-Sports enthusiasts. Remember the fusion dance from Dragonball Z to create Gogeta and Gotenks? That's exactly what we did!


"This day I am excited about the announcement of the collaboration with our new sponsor Game Legends. The cooperation represents a further milestone in the development of PENTA Sports. It didn't take long to realise that Game Legends and PENTA Sports share the same view and vision so it was my pleasure to realise this partnership. We expect an extensive and unique fan shop shortly, which the German scene has not yet seen in such an extent. In addition, further actions are coming and we hope that we can continue to positively surpise you. Especially after the feedback from the community and the very beginning with the PENTA Store last year, we now take the next step!"

- Andreas „morpheuZ" Schaetzke (CMO - PENTA Sports)


In order to supply not only the team but also YOU with awesome merchandise, we will set up a new online shop with apperal and accessories to show your affection and cheering for your favorite players.  


"Partnering up with PENTA Sports is a really exciting step for us. We love esports and are so happy to support PENTA with apparel and accessories not only for them to wear but for the fans to get in a soon-to-come online shop. We look forward to a flourishing collaboration and are proud to be headsponsor of such a striving team."

- Dirk „caspa" Niemeyer (Marketing & Sales Manager - Game Legends)


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