Gamescom 2014 - Pictures, Impressions, Emotions

18.08.2014 08:00  From:: Dennis Unterwainig

"How awesome was that?!" - Game Legends


Once again, Gamescom attracted a mass audience of 335.000 visitors to cologne. Naturally, we were also there to present to you our huge supply of merchandise. After five intense days with sore feet and wobbly knees, but a big smile of joy and a feeling of absolute satisfaction I would like to post our feedback.

Gamescom '14 is offically over and we're grateful for every second we spent with YOU. Thanks to you guys, the last 5 days didn't feel like work at all. Instead, it was a real pleasure and we had such a good time. From the first to the last day we tried our best to make your wishes come true and supply you with our top merchandise.

Not just colleagues during working hours, but also friendly minded after work. Every evening, we gathered around and had a little drink, partially with some of you, and celebrated together. Everybody forgot about his/her tired feet due to delicious snacks and some cold beer :)

We were especially pleased over those of you, who only came to our booth for a little chat or spent a short break with us (hello anonymous visitor who got my last sandwich).
There, we did not only meet new customers but notably new friends - even with exchanging numbers and all that stuff :)

I am already excited for the next Gamescom and the suspense is killing me, when i think about it.




Just in case someone missed it: We had a daily raffle at our Konami booth with the chance to win 5 Metal Gear Solid artbooks, personally signed by the one and only Hideo Kojima! Shout Out to the proud winners, who can now call those rarities their own.

Many thanks to all our fans who already supported us with Twitter - and Facebook posts, even before Gamescom started. Your rush was incredible and we promise to have even more products and more coolness in the next year. We keep going until they name it Gamelegendscom :)

I would like to thank you for your visit on behalf of the whole team! Thank you for your great support and always remember:

Post-Gamescom is Pre-Gamescom.







Write in the comments below and let us know, how you liked Gamescom.

Your Game-Legends Team

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