18.09.2014 18:00  From:: Dennis Unterwainig

The countdown for the start of the most popular folk festival of the year has started. Next saturday it's that time again and Munich will host the Oktoberfest for the 181st time. In case you didn't get a ticket for this awesome event, we might have just the right merchandise for you. With high quality tankards, we bring the Oktoberfest to your home!

Speaking of "beer", our glasses feature names and logos of various taverns from the world of Skyrim. Who doesn't dream of raising the glasses with Valga Vinicia in the Dead Man's Drink or listening to Lurbuk's music in the Moorside Inn (Don't forget your earplugs!). Mralki from the Frostfruit Inn surely knows exciting stories of the "Great War" and a warm room in the Frozen Hearth would also be quite pleasant.

We also have a tankard of the hard-drinking Brewmaster from Dota 2. It shows the logo of his famous beer "Primal Split Stout" on both sides, which he always carries with him in a small barrel. Definitely nothing for the weaklings with an alcohol content of 26,0 % alc/vol.

Game Legends says "Cheers!" and wishes you much pleasure when drinking with your friends, family, clan and guild.

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