Hitman Dog Tags Agent 47

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"The place I was raised, they didn't give us names. They gave us numbers. Mine was 47."

  • Officially licensed by IO Interactive
  • Dimensions: approx. 5cm height, approx. 2,5cm width, length of chain: 60 cm
  • Material: Brushed steel, rubber silencers
  • Manufacturer: Gaya Entertainment

Nowadays, dog tags are not only given out by the army, but are worn as a fashion accessory. The god tags are made of steel with a brushed finish and show different engravings. One tag has the familiar barcode that is tattoeed on Agent 47's head, the other one shows not only Agent 47's name, but his sex, date of birth and ID number. The dog tags come with a rubber silencer so they don't attract unnecessary attention while sneaking. Just make sure that you don't get mistaken for the real Agent 47!

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