Dragon Age Inquisition Statue Morrigan

"Faith lies in ashes. Our fragile alliances crumble to dust as this world is torn asunder. Darkness closes in. Will you stand against it, or lead this world to its bitter end?"

- Morrigan

Morrigan is a Witch of the Wilds, a group of apostate mages living in the Korcari Wilds and in the Tellari swamps. She is an important and powerful companion due to her devastating magic spells and the ability to shapeshift into ferocious animals.

This statue of Morrigan shows her in a beautiful red and black dress with tight corset and impressive necklace, gracefully walking down a staircase while casting a spell with both hands. It is nearly 50cm tall and was sculpted in high quality polystone resin. Her skirt and the rest of her outfit was professionally handcrafted to resemble real fabric.
Limited Edition with 1200 copies worldwide. Produced by Gaming Heads.
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