Halo 4 series S1 UNSC Mongoose SPARTAN Soldier SPARTAN Warrior

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The United Nations Space Command Mongoose is a four-wheel drive, all-terrain, open-cage vehicle with the primary purpose of personnel and equipment conveyance. However many soldiers have fielded the vehicle in quick-and-dirty ground assaults, with a passenger clinging to the rear rack-and-stirrup system with one hand while firing a weapon with the other. This box belongs to the series S1 for 343 Industries Halo 4 manufactured by Jada Toys. It contains the UNSC Mongoose, a SPARTAN soldier, a SPARTAN warrior and a piece of terrain where u can mount the Mongoose. The SPARTANS are about 5cm tall, highly detailed and wear their red armor. The warrior is equipped with a Rocket Launcher and can ride on the back of the Mongoose. The soldier can sit on the seat of the Mongoose. The Mongoose itself is a die-cast metal construction, about 7cm long, mainly glossy green and has Logos of the UNSC on it. This package is our recommendation for Halo fans! It is safely packed on robust carton in a blister package.
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