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Game Legends @ The Frankfurt Major

Game Legends @ The Frankfurt Major

3 million prize pool and a whole crowd of crazy DOTA 2 fans. Frankfurt, we are hyped!

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Game Legends @ The Frankfurt Major

Game Legends @ The Frankfurt Major

3 million prize pool and a whole crowd of crazy DOTA 2 fans. Frankfurt, we are hyped!

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Pre-order the brand new Darksiders merchandise!

Pre-order the brand new Darksiders...

Gaya Entertainment proudly presents their brand new Darksiders line-up. Be one of the first to get your hands on the brand new merchandise and pre-order now at Game Legends!

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Hitbox partnership confirmed!

Hitbox partnership confirmed!

Game Legends has successfully partnered up with hitbox. Get ready for awesome merchandise already waiting for you in our online shop!

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Game Legends brings you merchandise from all your favorite video games

You grew up with video games or you’re just about to become a big gamer? Show your fellow men that you’re serious about your favorite video games and be overwhelmed by our endless assortment.

In our shop we offer fitting merchandise for every gamer – and even more! You can find a large selection of accessories, statues, collector’s items in a great price-performance ratio. Clothing from head to toe can be found as well as jewelry and high quality keychains to perfectly complement your outfit.

Stay up-to-date und get the latest news and information about upcoming video games in our media section and impress your friends with endless insider knowledge. We provide not only top quality merchandise, but also news and information about the gaming scene.

Merchandise for young and old

Old-school gamers love to recall the first online- and console-video-games just as Zelda, Runes of Magic, Super Mario, Sonic or many retro games which were released on old Nintendo and SEGA platforms and kept us playing for countless hours, even with simple pixel graphics. Unforgettable memories ­– either in hard multiplayer battles or versus the computer – from games like Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat and Dead or Alive revive again and let us jump euphorically. It’s not uncommon that you catch yourself doing the iconic jump or finishing move of your favorite hero in a spontaneous moment of happiness.

Let your gamer’s heart beat higher

Hot pursuits and adventures in racing games like Need for Speed or The Crew get paired with tactical games in which you are responsible to save the world. A prime example for a true hero would be the Master Chief of the Halo series, Gordon Freeman from Half-Life or the sneaky multi tool Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. The last one sometimes also includes shooting when the enemy caught us sneaking or lurking in dark areas. These are exactly the moments that provide pure thrills and are the reason why we love to be entertained by video games. 

Countless hours of fun are guaranteed – alone or with friends. Even the younger generation feels at home in the world of video gaming on their consoles at home like Xbox, Nintendo DS, PS or Wii. Become a master in Angry Birds, conquer space in Eve Online, defend the good in the fantastic world of Final Fantasy, catch Pokémon, prove your skills in Assassin’s Creed or play your own story in World of Warcraft.

Become a virtuoso on the guitar or a future genius – Show your talent

Create generation-spanning worlds that combine young and old in Minecraft. This is not about reflexes or knowing the strongest combos, but about handcraft and exceptional imagination.

Show your friends that you’re a true virtuoso on any instrument and start a band in creative games like Rockband, Guitar Hero, Rocksmith or present your angelic voice in front of your party guests in a casual round of Singstar.

Professor Layton und Dr. Kawashima take care of training your brain to ensure that you’ll become the world’s next genius. They surely know how to make your head explode with a lot of puzzles and mental exercises.

Many gamers now have turned their hobby into a profession and can proudly call themselves pros. They regularly battle evenly matched opponents in Starcraft, Counter-Strike or Dota 2 to become the very best.

Fan merchandise for the own collection or as a gift

The range of accessories, statues, clothing and other merchandise products seems endless outside of the virtual world. Whether for young, old, friends, family or for yourself: Interesting gadgets to favorite video games are perfect gifts and collectibles.

Interesting merchandise can be found at Game Legends. We carry an extensive range of equipment of old and brand new video games.

Game Legends is staffed by experienced and excited gamers. That is why we know exactly what fanatics and true fans need!

Of course you can find a competent service, familiar and established payment methods like PayPal, credit card or prepayment. We guarantee fast delivery and from 40 Euro order value shipping is free within Germany.

But the most important thing is and remains out motto for you: We Love Games!